The Catalyst Online Investor Network (COIN) is a members-only capital introduction platform tailor-made for qualified investors and institutional allocators who focus on alternative investing.

As a member of COIN, investors gain admission to Catalyst’s award-winning Cap Intro Events and gain convenient access to information about investment funds that are featured on the COIN site.

COIN Funds are hand-picked alternative investment funds with a focus on alpha-oriented, institutional-grade small to mid-sized managers.

Crucially, investors may request to be introduced directly to a manager through the platform.

Click the link below to start your registration to join COIN, after which you will be asked to complete your investor questionnaire.



We may use your information to invite and host you at appropriate cap intro events, send email newsletters, or to arrange direct introductions. You can cancel your membership and delete your profile at any time. COIN membership is free, but all members must qualify.

COIN is maintained and operated by Catalyst Fund Advisors Inc.