Reviews & Statistics – Asset Allocation in Alternatives Forum 2009

Investor Event: Asset Allocation in Alternatives Forum 2009
Date: Monday, 5th October, 2009
Venue: Harvard Club New York



The Asset Allocation Forum in Alternatives 2009

successfully gathered key leaders from the alternative investment community in an asset allocation, hedge fund/private equity and current sector opportunity event. The forum was attended by 120 delegates, in a medium sized, intimate event conducive for making new business connections. Representation from active family offices was particularly high, with 41% of the investors being from multi or single family investment offices. This also contributed to the well-balanced representation of the different professional groups (ratio 1:1.5 between investors/managers).



The forum was attended by 120 delegates with the break-up illustrated in the graph to the right. Over 33% of the participants were end-investors, fund of funds or investment consultants, with about 50% of the delegates being alternative investment managers. 9% were service providers, and 9% media / others. 23 of the delegates had also attended Catalyst’s previous investor forums, giving testament to satisfied, returning attendees.


A large variety of investors (in total 43) attended the forum with the majority being from family offices and fund of funds/investment consultants. There were particularly many large family offices ($500m-$5bn) that were looking for opportunities among new managers, and to learn about current investment trends. The markedly improved investor sentiment in the recovering economy was noticeable, and investors displayed an eagerness to engage.


Alternative Investment Managers

There was a special focus on growing, successful and mid-sized managers (55 attending) that sought to bring their funds to the next level. The Catalyst team put serious effort in identifying and inviting this category of investment managers. In particular, interest was strong from equity long/short managers and emerging market focused managers.



Feed-back – Asset Allocation Forum in Alternatives 2009

The feed-back after the forum was very positive and delegates appreciated in particular the personal introductions by staff, the fast moving format of the agenda and the choice of topics and speakers. Below are some reviews from delegates:



“What a well organized event yesterday! I had some useful discussions and feedback. And one investor already wants a follow up meeting, so that’s good.”
True Beta


“Excellent conference yesterday.  If anything comes out of it, I will certainly repeat.”
President, International Investment Advisers


“I enjoyed the conference very much. The forum was very informative and timely in this difficult time and attended by a very diversified group of experts.”
Contributing Journalist, Seeking Alpha

“Very good conference”

Managing Director, PSigma Asset Management (USA)


“Thanks for a great event yesterday”
Senior Vice President, Gramercy


“Thanks again for the invite. I thought it was great.”
Senior Vice President, Atlantic Trust Wealth Management


“Thank-you very much for having us at the Catalyst Forum. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and found the information presented quite useful.”
Vice President and CIO, Karel Capital


“Just wanted to say a big Thank You for inviting myself to speak at the Asset Allocation Forum. It was an excellent group.”
The Foresight Group


Media Partners