Alternative Investing Evening Mixer


Welcome to our Alternative Investing Evening Mixer!


This is a highly focused, semi-structured, investor event designed for allocators, advisors, and investment managers in the alternative investing space to do some serious networking. The event starts late afternoon with a discussion panel, followed by networking and light entertainment into the evening.


Drawn from Catalyst Financial Partners’ wide industry network, participants will only include vetted investors, advisors and alternative investment managers. We expect 100+ attendees.



Discussion Panel: “The Eroding Profitabilty of Hedge Funds”

Moderator: Brenda Mauro, Trident Trust



Simon Lack, Author ‘The Hedge Fund Mirage’; President, SL Advisors

Peter Fell, Director of Due Diligence, The Kenmar Group

This ‘town-hall’ type of panel discussion will focus on the fact that hedge funds have been, on average, not very profitable for investors, while generating large fees to the managers themselves. Is this sustainable and what could funds and investors do to succeed? The topic will also touch on manager selection, average hedge fund returns, how to solve the eroding profitability of hedge funds, fee levels and alpha creation.



Event Format:

– Only vetted investors, advisors, and managers attending

– Late afternoon start with a discussion panel followed by networking and light entertainment
– Color badges for ease of identification
– Venue conveniently located in central Manhattan


Venue and Time:

Venue: Harvard Club, New York City

Date: 23rd April, 2012

Time: 5:30pm – 7:45pm


Investors: $49
Managers & Advisors: $99

Open bar




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