Catalyst Cap Intro: Emerging Markets Alternative Investing

Catalyst Cap Intro Events are sector focused, investor driven events that host hand-picked investment
managers and investors that are introduced to each other with a view to become investment partners.


This Catalyst Cap Intro Event focuses only on the Emerging Markets alternative investing space.


Introductions are accomplished through private meetings which are arranged prior the events, in an
investor driven fashion based on the merits of each investment manager and the requests made by the
investors. If a manager has not enough interest, they may cancel their participation, with full refund of


Investors are pre-screened and pre-qualified prior the events, by questionnaires and talks. Investors
constitute predominantly single and multi-family offices, endowment and foundations, and their advisors,
on the US East Coast corridor, but also internationally.





Rationale for Managers:

• Get in-depth private meetings with active investors

• Each event has a special sector focus, to increase the fit with the investors
• Meetings are investor driven, with investors requesting to meet with managers
• Fees are competitive and tiered to also accommodate a smaller fund's budget


Rationale for Investors:
• Meet with best-in-class managers in a certain sector in an extremely time efficient format
• Attendance is complimentary, granted you qualify as an investor
• Only choose to meet with managers you are interested in; no 'minimum' set of necessary meetings


To highlight exceptional managers, we are also giving out a 'Catalyst Cap Intro Award' to the best manager

at the event as based on the investors' feed-back. This award will be official and listed on Catalyst's website.






Before the Event

• Investors and managers are invited to each event
• Delegates are pre-screened and pre-qualified for fit
• Short listed managers and investors are sent descriptions of each other's companies and investment profiles, with up to 30 investors reviewing the managers for each event
• Investors request which managers to meet with, which accumulated make up the schedule of meetings for the managers
• If managers don't get a minimum of scheduled meetings, they may cancel and be refunded



At the Event
• Participation of managers is capped, with approximately 1:2 ratio of managers to investors
• Luncheon with presentations by the managers
• Participants are given out an event binder, containing the managers' fund summaries
• An afternoon with consecutive, private meeting sessions
• Closing with networking reception



The Private Meetings

At the event, the meetings are in 35 minute intervals and consist of one manager and one / two investors

The meetings take place in exclusive, closed-door rooms which make the experience pleasant, professional and personal




After the Event

• Upon request, we may share feed-back from introduced participants 4-6 weeks after the event. This is an efficient way to make sure you make the most of your introductions, and follow up with the appropriate investors quickly
• Announcement of the Catalyst Cap Intro Award to one of the participating managers at the event






For reviews, see Stats & Reviews from one of our recent events.

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