Stats & Reviews: Cap Intro: L/S Equity | Quant Investing


Investor Event:          Cap Intro: L/S Equity | Quant Investing
Date:                             Monday, 1st Feb, 2016
Venue:                          Capital Grille – Wall Street, New York

The event Catalyst Cap Intro: L/S Equity | Quant Investing gathered active investors and growing focused alternative investment managers in a pre-qualified and pre-screened format with private meetings. The cap intro event was attended by 18 investors and 9 managers (for a total of 33 delegates), with a total of 76 meetings taking place during the course of the afternoon. The event was sold out, indicting strong interest.

Twelve of the investors were multi-managers, investor advisors and specialist investor consultants, four were single/multi-family offices, and two were high net worth individuals and holding companies. The size of the investors ranged from around $3m to $4.5bn in AUM. Their geographic domicile was primarily North Eastern US, but there were representatives from Switzerland, Belgium and China too.


Alternative Investment Managers
The managers attending were equity and quant strategies. The size of the strategy AUMs ranged from < $10m to $750m in alternative assets. Strategies included Value focused, systematic investment strategy; L/S Equity, China and Asia Pacific focus; Quantitative L/S Equity, India focus; Global L/S Equity. Energy focus; US L/S Equity; Long biased equity, energy focus, small/mid caps; Systematic L/S Equity; Systematic Equity Long/Short, using big data, market neutral; Systematic short-term strategy based on global equities, market neutral.

Pre-Screening and Pre-Qualification
Both the investors and managers were pre-screened and pre-qualified to constructively fit into the investor event. Some 45 investors were short-listed for the event, and subsequently asked to join the Catalyst Capital Network in order to qualify. Managers were asked to apply by sending their fund profile. Investors then gave their preferences to whom to meet with, taking into account the information on their funds and strategies. All participants were given their own private meeting schedule prior to the event.

The investor event consisted of a luncheon with presentations by managers, a networking break, on average about eight meeting introductions per manager in 35 minute sessions, and a cocktail reception.

Below are some reviews from our delegates:

“Thanks for organizing this fantastic event. Will keep you posted of follow up.”
– Multi-manager allocator

“Thanks for putting the conference together.”
– L/S equity manager

“Great event yesterday very informational and productive. Look forward to more opportunities in the future!”
– Quant manager

“I wanted to thank you for organizing the conference yesterday. I thought it went pretty well, and we met several potential investors.”
– Systematic manager

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