Catalyst Cap Intro events are investor driven and transactional events that host alpha-oriented investment managers and institutional grade investors that are introduced to each other with a view to become investment partners.

This spring 2021 Catalyst Cap Intro Event focuses on L/S Equity | Quant | CTA Fund Investing strategies. Strategies covered include: L/S equity, Long-biased, Long-only, Sector or Industrial focus, Activist, Event Driven, Fundamental, Quantitative, High frequency trading, Stat arb, Vol arb, Pure Arb, Signals trading with A.I., Intangible assets trading, Overlay strategies, CTAs, Options and futures, Currencies, Blockchain strategies, Systematic equity, and more. Managers typically offer their products through investment funds, but also SMAs or advisory features.

This event is virtual, where managers give online presentations, followed by virtual private meetings. The event concludes with a virtual networking reception. Participants are given access to a dedicated online Event Portal, where the agenda, meetings, event binder and delegates are listed.

The introductions are arranged prior the events, in an investor driven fashion based on the merits of each investment manager and the requests made by the investors. There are no service providers, only managers and investors.

Investors are pre-screened and pre-qualified prior the events, by completing a COIN questionnaire. Investors constitute predominantly single and multi-family offices, investor intermediaries, and end-investors, located in the US but also internationally.

This event production builds on Catalyst’s history and successful track record in putting together industry-recognized and effective capital raising events.


Note: this is scheduled to be a virtual event, however it may be converted into a live, on-site event if health guidelines and other circumstances allow it. Please see our event terms for more information.   



Rationale forManagers:

  • Get in-depth private meetings with active investors
  • Each event has a special strategy, industry or asset class focus, to increase the fit with the investors
  • Meetings are investor driven, with investors requesting to meet with managers
  • Fees are competitive and early registration is rewarded
  • If a manager does not get enough investor interest before an event, you may cancel and be refunded
  • To highlight exceptional managers, we are also giving out a 'Catalyst Cap Intro Award' to the best manager at the event as based on the investors' feed-back. This award will be official and listed on Catalyst's website.

Rationale forInvestors:

  • Meet with managers in a certain sector or asset class in an extremely time efficient format
  • Benefit from getting introduced to managers that are pre-selected, best-in-class, and alpha oriented
  • Attendance is complimentary, granted you qualify as an investor
  • Review the short-listed managers before the event, and only request to meet with managers you are interested in; no 'minimum set' of meetings necessary
  • Benefit from learning from fellow investors' questions and perspectives

Pre-Screening Process


    We seek fund managers that are successful, small to mid-sized (about $30m-$1bn), and with a strong product offering. In particular, we look at a manager's:

  • Relevancy and strength of investment strategy
  • Performance track record and other metrics
  • AUM and AUM history for fund, strategy and firm
  • Liquidity and other investor terms
  • General fit with the short listed investors


Each investor will undergo a multi-step qualification process in order to be granted admission to our events. Specifically, we ask investors to join the Catalyst Online Investor Network (COIN), whereby they share their investor profile, investing preferences, AUM, size of allocations made, and if there are any allocation restrictions (incl. size criteria of managers). The investors to a specific event are announced about two weeks beforehand to the registered managers.


Beforethe Event

  • Investors and managers are invited and sign up to an event
  • Investors are pre-screened and pre-qualified
  • Investors are sent descriptions of investment managers' profiles, with up to 50 investors reviewing the managers
  • Investors request which managers to meet with
  • The confirmed investor meetings are sent to the managers

ATthe Event

  • Participation of managers is capped, with approximately 1:2 ratio of managers to investors
  • Main session with short presentations by the managers
  • All participants are given access to a virtual Event Portal, with details on the agenda, scheduled meetings, participants list and the event binder
  • An afternoon with consecutive, private meeting sessions
  • Closing with networking reception

The PrivateMeetings

  • The meetings are in 30 minute intervals and consist of one manager and one or more investors
  • The meetings are conducted though a video call platform with dedicated links connecting each meeting group
  • Managers can share any materials they want

After the Event

  • We may share feed-back from introduced participants 4-6 weeks after the event. This is an efficient way to make sure you make the most of your introductions
  • Announcement of the 'Catalyst Cap Intro Award' to one of the participating managers at the event

Event Agenda


The general agenda for this Virtual Catalyst Cap Intro Event is:

  • 11-11:15am :Technical test run for any participants
  • 12:45pm : Welcome note and introductory talks by fund managers
  • 2:00pm : Private meetings in 30 minute intervals
  • 5:00pm : Concluding remarks and networking reception
  • 5:30pm : Closing of the event


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L/S Equity | Quant | CTA Fund Investing


About two weeks before each specific event, managers will be sent the names of the short listed investors. Please also see our brochure for names of past participants.


Investor Allocation Size by Type

While the range of allocation sizes by investors can be large (a range between $1-$25m is common), the majority of investors has an average initial allocation size between $5-$10m.

HNW individuals allocations are smallest at below $1m, and pension funds largest at $20m. Others investors (seeders, growth capital) indicate making large initial allocations as that is part of their business models with typically lower fees attached.

Investor Representation by Geography

Investors are predominantly based in the North East US corridor (roughly Boston down to Washington), with 63% of the investors being based there.

22% of the investors come from the rest of the US, with 15% being international, mainly Asian and European based family offices and investor consultants.

Investor Representation by Type:

At our cap intro events the largest share of investor representation is single and multi-family offices, constituting about 43% of the investors.

Investor consultants represent 14% and HNWs about 8%

Fund-of funds, RIAs and Wealth Advisors (and other multi-managers such as 40 Act funds) represent 24%.

Pension funds and insurance companies together represent 5%, with endowments at 6%.

Investor Size by Type

The average AUM of an allocator is $2.5bn, with pension funds being the largest with $6.0bn in average AUM (in Alternatives).

In general, most investors’ average AUM ranges between $1-3bn. HNW individuals don’t usually disclose their assets so this is not available.

L/S Equity | Quant | CTA Fund Investing

  • Date: 10 May 2021
  • Time: 12:45pm-5:30pm
  • Location: From New York
  • Address: Virtual

Deliverables and Pricing:

  • One event delegate pass
  • Lunch, coffee break and wine reception
  • Dedicated meeting space
  • Up to 12 investor driven introductions
  • Short presentation during lunch
  • Fund factsheet included in the event binder
  • Online access to Catalyst Event Portal
  • Secured Investor Interest Guarantee

Event fee: $2,990

The Following Add-ons are Available:

  • Extra delegate passes:$990/pp
  • Extended presentation at 15 minutes:$350
  • AV equipment (on-site only):$250
  • Follow up feed-back report from all introduced investors:$500

Registration Discount Offers*:

  • 10% off 3 months before the event
  • Purchase two Cap Intro events - get 25% off the second
  • *discounts can’t be combined

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