The Defense Industrial Bases of the US and allied countries are playing catch up after decades of neglect to other national priorities and industry-wide over-consolidation. In response, governments have come to understand the importance of synchronizing capital, innovation and national security. The new aim(1) is to incentivizing innovation through competition – akin to the successful commercial tech VC/PE industries –  and thus driving the private sector to offer the defense industries its best technical solutions at a best-value cost and price.

On the seed investing level, Defense Tech Investing has the benefit of several US federal agency award programs. As technologies are proven and move towards commercialization, they may receive additional public funding and become of interest to private investors. This eco-system of public capital, private investors and high-growth defense tech companies is set to grow, with Defense Tech Investing becoming a larger part of the alternative investing industry.

This investor event showcases Defense Tech focused funds and companies to investors. The underlying tech includes next-era defense applications, including: UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), UWAS (Underwater Autonomous Systems), Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV), Drone and Counter-drone systems, Sensors and Surveillance, Renewable Energy solutions,  Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Composites, Medtech solutions, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Space tech, A.I. and Data Analytics, among others.

This event is live, in-person, with panel discussions and private meetings. The event concludes with a networking reception.  Participants are given access to a dedicated online Catalyst Event Portal, with easy access to the agenda, meetings schedule and participants list with profile data.  The event is small and exclusive, with only around 30 participants in a controlled environment.

The introductions are arranged prior the events, in an investor driven fashion based on the merits of each manager and the requests made by the investors. There are no service providers, only managers and investors.

Investors are pre-screened and pre-qualified prior the events, by completing a COIN questionnaire. Investors constitute predominantly single and multi-family offices, investor intermediaries, and end-investors, located in the US but also internationally.

This event production builds on Catalyst’s history and successful track record in putting together industry-recognized and effective capital raising events.

1. DoD Report, February 2022. State of Competition within the Defense Industrial Base.


Special Event Considerations: This is scheduled to be an in-person event. However, please see our event terms at registration for possible changes.

This event does not have any guarantee of minimum # of meetings and no money-back guarantee. 


Rationale forManagers:

  • Get in-depth private meetings with active investors
  • Each event has a special strategy, industry or asset class focus, to increase the fit with the investors
  • Meetings are investor driven, with investors requesting to meet with managers
  • Fees are competitive and early registration is rewarded
  • If a manager does not get enough investor interest before an event, you may cancel and be partly refunded

Rationale forInvestors:

  • Meet with managers in a certain sector or asset class in an extremely time efficient format
  • Benefit from getting introduced to managers that are institutional ready and alpha oriented
  • Attendance is complimentary, granted that you enroll in COIN and qualify as an investor
  • Review the short-listed managers before the event, and only select managers you like; no 'minimum set' of meetings necessary
  • Benefit from learning from fellow investors' questions and perspectives

Pre-Screening Process


  • Investment managers should be ready for ‘institutional capital’
  • Strategies should be alpha-oriented
  • The fund should broadly fit the focus of the event
  • The investment structure may be as fund, SMA or as advisory feature


  • Investors undergo a multi-step qualification process in order to be granted admission to our events
  • All investors are required to enroll in COIN (Catalyst Online Investor Network), sharing their investor profile
  • Most investors are known to Catalyst, being repeat attendees


Before the EventPreparations

  • Investors are pre-screened and pre-qualified by joining COIN
  • Managers upload their fund profiles to the Catalyst Event Portal
  • Investors review and select which managers to meet with
  • Managers are sent their schedule of meetings

At the EventOverview

  • Participation of only about 30 delegates, with approximately 1:2 ratio of managers to investors
  • Luncheon with discussion panels
  • The Catalyst Event Portal shows scheduled meetings, participants list, contact info and event binder
  • Afternoon with private meetings
  • Closing networking reception

At the EventPrivate Meetings

  • The meetings are each about 30 minutes and holds one manager and one or more investors
  • Meetings take place at semi-private tables making the conversations personal and professional
  • Managers can share any materials they want

After the EventVirtual Meetings

  • Any virtual meetings take place on the Catalyst Event Portal within three weeks of the event
  • Upon request, we share the feed-back from introduced participants. This is an extra service

Event Agenda


  • 12:15pm: Registration opens
  • 12:30pm: Lunch and Panel discussion I
  • 1:15pm: Panel discussion II
  • 2:45pm: Private meeting sessions
  • 5:00pm: Networking reception
  • 6:00pm: Closing of the event

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