FAQs for Fund Managers


    We seek fund managers that are successful, small to mid-sized (about $30m-$1bn), and with a strong product offering. In particular, we look at a manager's:

  • Relevancy and strength of investment strategy
  • Performance track record and other metrics
  • AUM and AUM history for fund, strategy and firm
  • Liquidity and other investor terms
  • General fit with the short listed investors


Each investor will undergo a multi-step qualification process in order to be granted admission to our events. In particular we look at an investor's profile, investing preferences, AUM, size of allocations made, and if there are any allocation restrictions (incl. size criteria of managers). The investors to a specific event are announced about two weeks beforehand to the registered managers. We also ask investors to join the 'Catalyst Capital Network', which further qualifies and ensures their fit to the events.

FAQs for Investors/Allocators

  • What is the fee to attend for an investor/allocator?
  • The event is complimentary, provided that you qualify to the event as an investor.

  • How do I qualify to an event?
  • Investors/allocators must qualify prior an event by joining the ‘Catalyst Capital Network’. The team at Catalyst may have additional questions and may contact you to discuss. In short, qualification denotes that you should be an institutional grade investor interested in allocating meaningful amounts of capital to a private investment manager. Catalyst has discretion in deciding what constitutes an investor for our purposes, and may reject admission to events.

  • What types of managers do you usually host?
  • Our managers are best of breed, alpha-oriented, small to mid-sized private fund managers. Each event has a specific asset class or strategy focus which should make your time spent very productive.

  • When do I know which managers attend a specific event?
  • About 10 days before an event we send out the details on the managers to the investors that have signed up. You can then review and select which ones you find interesting.

  • How many managers are there at an event and how many can I meet with?
  • We usually have 7-9 managers per event and you can meet with up to five.

  • Is there any minimum of meetings I need to commit to?
  • No, you can meet with 1 to 5 managers. If you don't want to meet with anyone however the event is probably not for you.

  • I am a low profile family office or a pension fund. How do I make so my information is not shared widely at the event?
  • We are happy to have investors delegates attend without sharing their company info or profiles. Please let us know if this would be preferred.

  • How do I sign up to the next Catalyst Cap Intro event?
  • Please register on the event website and join the Catalyst Capital Network if you haven’t already. We also send out invites a few months before an event so you can sign up then. Or you can send us an email and we short list you

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