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Capital Introduction Events



Catalyst Financial Partners' Cap Intro events are designed to provide one-on-one meetings between active investors and successful managers in a certain sector. They are intended as initial or follow up meetings with highly potential business parties.



The Cap Intro events are per invitation only. Investors are pre-screened and pre-qualified for their active interest in an event's sector focus. Managers are selected based on their investment strategy, performance track record, AUM, and general fit with the investors.



Investor Profiles


The investors at our Cap Intro events are typically mid-sized ($100m-$5bn) family offices, wealth managers, investor consultants, and fund of funds focusing on manager search and selection. They are pre-screened for interest in a specific event's sector focus, and pre-qualified in terms of:


  • Investor description and AUM size

  • Any specific interest within the sector focus

  • Current allocations and # of positions in the sector

  • Typical allocation size

  • Time to commit capital

  • Any general allocation restrictions



    Manager Profiles


    The managers at our Cap Intro events are typically mid-sized ($30m-$2.5bn), growing alternative investment managers with a strong product offering relevant to a specific event's sector focus. We screen managers for:


  • Relevancy and strength of investment strategy

  • Performance track record and other metrics

  • AUM and AUM history

  • Liquidity and other investor terms

  • General fit with the invited investors



    Apply Now

    We welcome applications from interested participants. Please follow the instructions on our Cap Intro events sites.