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Catalyst Cap Intro Events

Catalyst Cap Intro events are investor driven and transactional events designed to facilitate raising assets to sophisticated alternative investing funds. They provide private meetings between active investors and successful fund managers in a certain strategy focus or asset class.

Investors are pre-screened and pre-qualified for their active interest in an event’s focus. Managers are selected based on their investment strategy, performance track record, AUM, and general fit with the investors.

The events are exclusive, high-touch, business gatherings where we select, engage with, and host institutional quality members of the alternative investing industry.

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Third Party Marketing and Advisory

Our sister company Catalyst Fund Advisors Inc. is providing traditional third party marketing & advisory services to funds wishing to raise capital. Mandates range from conceptualizing a marketing strategy, assisting in producing the marketing materials and organizing investor roadshows. Individual investors leads are generated and followed up on until closing.

For more information contact Catalyst Fund Advisors.

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The Catalyst Capital Network serves three purposes. First, it pre-qualifies investors and allocators, so we can admit them to our cap intro events. It is important for us to have an understanding of the profiles of the investors we host, in order to maximize the time and resources of all our delegates.

Secondly, by joining the Network, investors and as managers will learn about what activities we have in the pipe-line and not miss a relevant event invitation. We also send out industry reports and news. And lastly, we occasionally make introductions between members in the Network.

Basically, joining the Network is a first step of getting to know each other and the participants in our part of the alternative investing industry.

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Corporate About us

Catalyst Financial Partners facilitates alternative asset investing. Founded in 2008, Catalyst Financial Partners is a specialist investor events and services firm for the private funds industry. We link together alpha-oriented private funds and institutional grade investors. The management of Catalyst has a deep network of institutional investors in in the US which makes up the bulk of allocations to the private investment funds industry in the world. The firm has particularly strong knowledge of family office investors as well as endowments and foundations, and their advisors.

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Corporate News

Survey of Allocators’ Investment Trends 2016 Carl Berg, founder of Catalyst Financial Partners, and Susan Weerts, a Research Analyst, publish the report “Survey of Allocators’ Investment Trends 2016”. Allocation appetite among investors is mixed while it seems to be the case that current and forecasted volatility in 2016 may increase the appeal of hedge funds. In 2016, investors are more selective towards hedge funds and skepticism exists. About 50% say they will see how the year develops or are only allocating if they find an appropriate manager. Departing from earlier years

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